Michel Semi-Recessed 1500 Wall Hung

1500 wide x 150 high x 355 deep
1500 wide x 150 high x 355 deep
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Bottle Trap

Universal Plug & Waste

Australian made.

Wall hung.

355mm depth.

This vanity can be customised.

150mm benchtop available in all benchtop options.

No extra charge for basin and tap hole cut-out.

Choose from a selection of ADP basins - Atlas, Bamboo, Circuit, Fiore, Flume, Karma, Lapolina, Lino Semi-Recessed, Miya 550 & 750 Semi-Recessed, Pluto, Solar and Venus basins (sold separately).

Wall brackets included with a load bearing capacity of 500kg (when used as a pair). Please refer to installation guidelines prior to purchase. It is recommended that walls are structurally prepared for correct installation.

Chrome Universal Plug & Waste included (more colours available at an additional charge).

Michel Semi-Recessed

Michel Semi-Recessed 1500 Centre
Michel Semi-Recessed 1500 Double
Michel Semi-Recessed 1500 Offset

Michel Semi-Recessed

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