Our Top Tips For Growing Plants In The Bathroom

Bathrooms can often be thought of as a hard place to decorate due to moisture build up and steam can cause damage to décor, however certain plants can thrive in this space and will instantly help to create a lush personal oasis. Plants actively reduce air pollution, whilst also decreasing our stress by promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing – perfect for a room that is all about cleansing and relaxation.

Here are our top tips to help you choose the right plants for your space, styling tips and how to care for your new green friends.

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How to choose?

It might sound obvious to some, but plants that love humidity are definitely your go-to when narrowing down your plant selection. Observing the natural light in the space is also key to plant selection, as some plants need more natural light than others. Our top plant picks for a darker bathroom are peace lily, devils ivy and boston ferns. We suggest monstera or begonia if natural light isn’t a problem, and depending on the variety you choose their leaves can be show-stopping.

Styling tips

Bathrooms can often be small, so if space is limited choose plants that cascade down or grow vertically to maximise your greenery. If you don’t have much floorspace, think hanging baskets or pots, filling windowsills or ledges and on the corner of a benchtop. If floorspace isn’t an issue, try using a plant stand to raise the foliage closer to eye level. Keeping the pots or baskets neutral will allow the focus to remain on the greenery, however neutral doesn’t always mean boring – think unique shapes, surface textures and natural materials to elevate the space.

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A common mistake with indoor plants is overwatering, which can lead to root rot and a very unhappy plant. A general rule for most plants; if the top 3cm of the soil is dry it’s time to water again. If your bathroom has very little light, treat your plant friends to a little holiday and move them to a brighter space for a day or two to catch some filtered sun to help promote growth. A super easy way to water and clean the leaves of the plants in one go is to pop them in the shower. This gives them a gently spray, plus who doesn’t love a shower?

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