Our Interior Design Trend Forecast for 2024

This year we are predicting that interior design trends will reflect a desire to connect with nature, evoke nostalgia, and infuse spaces with a sense of personal style. Discover the six trends that we think will transform interiors into sanctuaries of comfort, self-expression, and unparalleled beauty. Whether you're a seasoned design enthusiast or someone just starting out on your home reno journey, these trends are bound to inspire you.

1. Arches & Curves

Curves have been prominent the last few years – and you’ll be pleased to know they’re here to stay! Soft lines, arches and curved shapes will take centre stage, in both architecture and design. By introducing a sense of fluidity and movement into a space, this creates a pleasing visual flow that's easy on the eyes. You can embrace this trend by including curved furniture and décor in your home, such as our Waverley vanity or Arched mirrors.

Interior Design by Hemma Interiors. Photography by The Palm Co.

2. Richer & Darker Woodgrains

To mark a return to tradition, we’re predicting we’ll see the resurgence of dark wooden features in homes. By embracing the authenticity and inherent warmth of wood, this trend creates spaces that feel grounded and timeless. Dark woodgrain pieces, such as stately mahogany dining tables, sleek walnut bathroom furniture, and intricate rosewood armchairs, anchor a space and draw the eye, introducing a layer of texture and natural beauty that enriches any home. Florentine Walnut and Estella Oak are two of our favourite finishes to achieve this look.
 Interior Design by Jake Arnold. Photographed by Michael P. H. Clifford.

3. Statement Benchtops

We have noticed that statement benchtops are emerging as a prominent interior design trend, revolutionising the way we perceive and utilise kitchen and bathroom spaces. These benchtops, characterised by bold and distinctive materials, patterns, and finishes, serve as focal points within living spaces, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Statement benchtops not only elevate the visual appeal of spaces but also redefine the concept of utility, transforming everyday surfaces into artistic canvases that contribute to the overall ambiance of the home. Most of our vanities are available with Cherry Pie statement benchtops to bring this trend to life in your bathroom space. 

Interior Design by Alisa & Lysandra for the ‘Twin Off’ Design Duo series. Photography by Jenah Piwanksi.

4. Neutral Textures

Sleek and simple finishes will always have a place in our homes, but in 2024, the fusion of natural textures and the serene simplicity of Japandi style will take the lead. Natural textures play a pivotal role in this trend, with an emphasis on materials like concrete, stone, and woven fabrics. These elements not only bring a tactile and organic feel to the interiors but also create a connection to the surrounding environment. Japandi style celebrates a balanced aesthetic, integrating clean lines, muted colour palettes, and functional furniture. As people seek to create retreats in their own homes, the connection of natural textures and Japandi style will be evident.

Interior Design by Casa Blanco Australia

5. Less All-White

We are witnessing a departure from the all-white cabinetry and spaces that have dominated interiors in previous years. This trend leans towards embracing a more diverse and nuanced colour palette, ushering in a new era of warmth and personality in homes. Designers are opting for cabinetry in a spectrum of hues, ranging from muted earth tones to bold jewel colours, creating visually rich and inviting spaces. This departure from the all-white aesthetic signifies a desire for more character and individuality within homes. Multi-tonal cabinetry adds depth and dimension to spaces, allowing for a more personalised and eclectic style that reflects the diverse tastes of individuals.
 Interior Design by Studio McGee.

6. Statement Tiles & Flooring

This year we’ll be seeing designers and renovators taking more of a statement-making approach to tile combinations on both walls and floors. Bold and expressive patterns, from geometric designs to intricate motifs, are transforming floors into works of art, elevating the overall aesthetic of homes. Statement tiles not only serve as a focal point but also provide an opportunity for self-expression and creativity within interior spaces. This trend not only adds visual interest but also allows individuals to curate a personalised and truly unique home.
 Interior Design by Greg Natale. Photographed by Anson Smart.


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