How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

The powder room is the often-overlooked bathroom space, but the one most used by guests. Give your powder room the facelift it deserves and transform your small space. We created this range of clever, space-saving vanity units for modern living. Featuring innovative storage solutions and space-saving technology and hardware, the ADP Small Spaces collection provides a variety of sizes and storage options.

We’ve pulled together our top tips for making the most of your small bathroom space.

Lily Wall Hung Vaniy

Wall Hung Vanities & Wall Basins

Wall hung vanities open up the room in the same way that wall basins do by showing more of the floor, while also having the added benefit of storage.

Tiny Semi-Recessed Vanity

Semi-Recessed Basins

Semi-Recessed basins give the illusion of more space because the cabinet is generally slimmer than the basin, as seen in the Minima and Serena vanities in the Small Spaces collection.

Shelf Mirrored Cabinet

Recessed Cabinetry and Storage

If possible, recess a shaving cabinet into the wall or create a tiled recessed niche in your shower for added storage without projection. Keep products on open shelves to a minimum so your bathroom looks effortlessly styled rather than cluttered.

Micro Vanity

Space Saving Design

Make use of clever space-saving technology, like the side opening hinge or integrated hand towel holder on the Micro vanity. The door of the Micro opens in a sideways motion, allowing it to easily fit in a very narrow bathroom space.

Piccolo Vanity


Beware of scale when choosing your vanity, artwork and any other furniture or decorative pieces. Anything too large will dominate the space and make it feel smaller, with the exception of large mirrors.

Petite Rail Vanity


Mirrors bounce light, making the room feel bigger than it is. With the large range of shapes and sizes available, they are a great way to bring personality to your bathroom design.

Madison Mini Vanity


Use bright tiles and wall colours in pastels, whites and light neutrals to open up the space and reflect more light. Colour can also be used to create a mood and to complete a look.

See the Small Spaces range here.



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