Fresh & Functional Laundry Design

Located on the south coast of NSW, this fresh laundry design is proof that a white laundry doesn't have to be boring. A clean colour palette, a mix of textures and some black hardware come together to create a bright and inviting room. Utilising clever storage solutions and maximising the available space, this is a room we wouldn't mind doing the laundry in.

A hanging rail is a must in any laundry design.


Take your cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling for maximum storage.


Hide your laundry hamper in the cabinetry to reduce clutter and mess.


Martini Spring Sink Mixer


If space allows, add multiple laundry hampers to make sorting the laundry easy.


Browse the full ADP Laundry collection and plan your Laundry in 3D here.

Design: The Harley Project


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