Design Duo 'Twin Off' Series with Alisa & Lysandra

The Design Duo 'Twin Off' Series in Somerton Park, South Australia, follows Alisa and Lysandra as they build their family homes side by side. In each episode, identical rooms in both houses are revealed, showcasing their creative designs. The series revolves around their friendly competition to outdo each other's innovative choices, capturing the excitement of sibling rivalry, creativity, and the journey of crafting dream homes. 

We partnered with Alisa and Lysandra on their bathroom designs, showcasing our exclusive range of vanities and mirrored cabinets designed in collaboration with the twins. 

"Working alongside ADP to design our bathroom vanities has been a rewarding journey. Their dedication to craftsmanship and customer collaboration truly sets them apart. As an Australian Family-Owned Business, ADP's commitment to quality and innovation is admirable. Our custom-designed vanities, brought to life by ADP, have become the centrepiece of our bathrooms, combining functionality with timeless elegance. ADP's reputation as Australia's largest and most innovative bathroom furniture manufacturer is well-deserved!”

View both houses below and let us know on Instagram which one is your favourite. 

Alisa's House 

Alisa’s house features light and airy tones that create a calm and inviting feel. Crisp white, neutral beige, pops of green, and gold fixtures create a classic colour palette that will stand the test of time. 

Flo vanity & Quinn mirrored cabinet in Ultra White

Archie vanity in Topiary

Lysandra's House 

Lysandra's house features moody, dark hues that offer a sense of luxury. Dark timber finishes, marble, and brass fixtures come together to create an opulent colour palette. Contrasting tones give the house a sense of refined elegance. 

Archie vanity and Quinn mirrored cabinets in Estella Oak

Watch the full Design Duo 'Twin Off' Series here

Design: Alisa and Lysandra 
Photography: Jenah Piwanski


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