Basin & Tapware Pairings

Ever wondered what tapware to pair with your basin? With so many different basin styles it can be difficult to know what to look out for. Here is our guide for pairing your basin with the perfect tapware.

Above Counter Basins

above counter basins

Above-Counter basins can sit quite high above the benchtop, so these work best when paired with an Extended Basin Mixer or Wall Basin Set.

Semi-Inset Basins

semi inset basins

Depending on the height of your basin, pair a Semi-Inset basin with a Basin Mixer, Extended Basin Mixer or Wall Basin Set.

Inset Basins

inset basins

Inset Basins work well with a Basin Mixer or Wall Basin Set.

Under-Counter Basins

under counter basins

Pair an Under-Counter basin with a Basin Mixer or Wall Basin Set.

Semi-Recessed Basins

semi-recessed basins

Some Semi-Recessed Basins come with a tap hole already in the basin. In this instance, pair with a Basin Mixer. If not, either a Wall Basin Set or Basin Mixer may be suitable.

Basins with Tap Landings

basins with tap landings

Some basins are designed with a tap landing and tap hole already built in. Basin Mixers are great for these basins.

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