10 Ways to Up-Level Your Laundry

Ever walked into your laundry and felt sad? Yeah, us too. We’re on a mission to help you create a laundry so nice you won’t want to close the door on it. Here are our top tips on how to design a laundry that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Open Shelves

Open shelves

Consider adding open shelves to your laundry for storing items that you use often and need to be easily accessible.

LED Lighting


Cabinet lighting will add instant drama and polish to your laundry. Incorporating lighting into your wall cabinets is also a great choice if your laundry doubles as a bathroom or WC, as you can turn on your cabinet lighting instead of the overhead room light in the middle of the night.

Pure Silk Laundry

Bench space

While a spacious laundry is definitely a luxury, there’s no argument that having extra bench space is always useful. Having enough room to fold towels and garments on your laundry bench means that you can complete your laundry from start to finish all in the one space.

Laundry Hamper

Hamper cabinet

Make the most of your cabinets by adding a hamper directly into the cabinetry. This removes the need for an extra basket that has to sit on the floor somewhere, and keeps your dirty laundry neatly tucked away and out of sight.

Vogue Drawers


How many times have you needed a place for those spare pegs, the lint roller, the stain remover stick? Drawers are the perfect place to neatly store all of the small miscellaneous items that you never know what to do with.


Baskets & Decor

Adding a luxe hand wash, a vase of dried flowers, or a pretty-yet-functional basket to your laundry will instantly up-level it. Think pretty and practical for the things that will be out on display.

Martini Sink Mixer


We like to think of tapware as the jewellery of the laundry, bathroom or kitchen. Choose a shape and style that complements the rest of your laundry, and consider getting a tap with a hose and spray to make life easier.

Matte Black Laundry Rail


Having a functional laundry will instantly make using the space much more enjoyable, and having somewhere to hang garments is critical. Even a small rail can be extremely useful, or if you can, consider adding in a ceiling mounted clothes hanger to maximise space.


Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles can dramatically change the look and feel of your laundry. Match your handles to your tapware for a cohesive laundry style.

Decor Laundry


Gone are the days when the laundry was a forgotten room with a small white cabinet shoved in as an afterthought. Continue the cabinetry style from the rest of your home (think kitchen and bathroom) or make a statement with a bold woodgrain finish or v-groove detailing.


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