Acrylic Tops

Acrylic tops are vacuum formed from a single sheet of sanitary grade acrylic using heat to mould it to the correct shape, & then it is back filled. The acrylic is durable & the end result is a very straight top.

  • Large range of sizes.

  • Brilliant white finish.

  • Consistent surface with no warping or imperfections.

  • Durable and non porous. 

  • Easy to polish out light scratches.

  • Chemical and stain resistant.

  • More chip resistant than ceramic.

  • Can be ordered in 0, 1 or 3 tap holes.

  • Australian Made.

  • 7 Year warranty.

  • No overflow.

  • Susceptible to heat damage
    (e.g. hair straightener).

  • Maximum water temperature 65°C.


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