Customise One Of Our Mirrored Cabinets

Love one of our existing designs but want to customise it? There are many changes that can be made to our existing Mirrored Cabinet designs.

Custom Options
  • Add an extra row of Shelves (All cabinets come standard with 2 rows of shelves only)

    $99.00 per row

  • Add a Power Point with Cord Provision

    $99.00 each

  • Add a Magnifying Mirror (not available on shaker front doors)

    $37.80 each

  • 16mm (W) x 90-180mm (D) Filler Panels (To be used if installing a shaving cabinet against a wall or between walls)

    $52.00 each

  • Daylight Overhead Light

    From $105.00 each

  • Special Colour - Polyurethane (Matte or Gloss finishes only)

    $345.00 (contact ADP to confirm availability)

  • Special Colour - Laminex or Polytec

    $345.00 (contact ADP to confirm availability)


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