Custom Sized Mirrored Cabinet

Choose a custom sized mirrored shaving cabinet for a specific height, depth or width. Custom Shaving Cabinets come with full polished edge copper free mirror doors.

Custom Options
  • Depth

    Choose between a minimum overall depth of 110mm to a maximum of overall depth of 200mm. Keep in mind this includes 20mm door thickness including mirror (internal cabinet depth = overall depth - 36mm).

    For anything deeper please contact your nearest bathroom retail store for guidelines.

  • Width

    Choose between 150mm to 2400mm width. (Please note anything longer than 1800mm width will be multiple cabinets due to shipping restrictions and weight).

  • Height

    Choose between 400mm to 1500mm height.

  • Interior

    Choose from a fresh white or premium graphite interior.

  • Shelves

    All custom sized shaving cabinets will have matching adjustable melamine shelves (fresh white or premium graphite). Cabinets shorter than 999mm height come standard with 2 row of shelves, cabinets taller than 999mm height come standard with 3 rows of shelves. Additional shelves are available to purchase, see pricing above.


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